Saudi Arabia

Ayelet Levi
| 30.10.2018
The Arab World Debates Women’s Service in the Military
In recent years, multiple Arab countries have encouraged
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Katie Wachsberger
| 29.10.2018
Living on the Kingdom’s Edge: Political Dissident in Saudi Arabia
Money does not always buy political consent. Khashoggi'
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Tami Chapnik
| 17.09.2018
Writers Leading the Way for Politicians
The Huriya affair erupted at a time when
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Marzouq Alhalabi
| 08.07.2018
A Kingdom Under Pressure: External Threats and Domestic Discontent
Jordan took in all the outcasts created by
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Inbal Nissim-Louvton
| 01.07.2018
Driving under Regime Guardianship
The images of Saudi women are on the
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Katie Wachsberger
| 22.05.2018
Knowing Their Enemy or Fascinated by Their Neighbor?
Despite the academic boycott of Israel, Arab universities
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Ella Aphek
| 14.02.2017
Testing the waters for change in Arab discourse
In “alternative writing”, Arab intellectuals and publicists reveal
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