The Middle East

Ella Aphek
| 14.02.2017
Testing the waters for change in Arab discourse
In “alternative writing”, Arab intellectuals and publicists reveal
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Raz Zimmt
| 10.02.2017
Iranians Don’t Believe Netanyahu
Earlier this year, Israeli PM sent a direct
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Ayelet Levi
| 08.02.2017
Security or Politics behind Morocco Burqa Ban?
Morocco’s Interior Ministry decided to ban the manufacture
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Assaf David
| 24.12.2016
UNSC Resolution 2334: Too little, too late
Instead of a wakeup call early on in
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Raz Zimmt
| 07.10.2016
Marrying Late: Young Adults and the Marriage Crisis in Iran
The reasons for Iran’s marriage crisis run deeper
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Elhanan Miller
| 23.09.2016
Mahmoud Abbas and Zionism: From Struggle to Acceptance
Israelis often hear it said that Palestinian President
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Elizabeth Tsurkov
| 26.08.2016
Jaysh al-Islam: Rebels at the Gates of Damascus
Jaysh al-Islam (The Islam Army) is one
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Nimrod Hurvitz
| 19.06.2016
Fear and Faith: the Strengths, Weaknesses and Delusions of Isis
Western rhetoric has become a weapon in ISIS’
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Assaf David
| 18.05.2016
A historic opportunity to become part of the problem
Why did Labor Chairman Herzog get so excited
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Oren Barak
| 12.02.2016
The Allure of Military Leaders in the Middle East
Military leaders enter politics in res
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Oren Barak
| 06.01.2016
Israel and Iran: From Rivalry to Shared Interests?
It is time for Iran and Israel to
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Ronit Marzan
| 13.07.2015
Undermining The Military And Diplomatic Talks With Hamas
In recent months, Israel-Hamas talks over releasing captives
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