Article / Janan Bsoul

Translation of Arabic Prose to Hebrew: A Literary Act or Normalization?

Multiple works of Arabic literature have been translated to Hebrew in recent years. Has the cultural barrier between Israel and Arab countries been breached? What is behind this flourishing of translations, and why do many still refuse to have their work translated into Hebrew?
In-depth Analysis / Elizabeth Tsurkov

The Breaking of Syria’s Rebellion

The Assad regime is winning the war in Syria not simply by regaining territory, but also by breaking the spirit and willingness to resist it in areas under its control and areas still outside of it
Article / Yaël Ronen

Palestinians in East Jerusalem as “indigenous residents”

In 2017, the Israeli High Court of Justice reframed the legal status of Palestinians in East Jerusalem. Will it go further and give full legal effect to this special status?
Article / Iris Fruchter-Ronen

Breaking the Silence in Iran

The deteriorating economy and ongoing oppression have sparked massive protests throughout Iran in recent weeks. Contemporary Iranian cinema points a harsh finger at the regime, portraying the double lives that people lead in order to cope with its restrictions
Article / Katie Wachsberger

Khaliji Women Writers: Challenging Patriarchal Structures

Despite their critical and often subversive act of challenging patriarchal structures that make up the Gulf states through stories, many of the Khaliji Women Writers are rewarded socially and intellectually for their work
Article / Einat Levi

Casablanca: Insights on Jewish Presence

The Jewish community in Morocco is shrinking, but the memory of its robust past lives on in the community of Muslim majority. Surprisingly, young Muslim Moroccans seek to revive the Moroccan Jewish heritage and present it formally in the public domain. Will the remaining Jews in Morocco cooperate?
Article / Ayelet Levi

Security or Politics behind Morocco Burqa Ban?

Morocco’s Interior Ministry decided to ban the manufacture and sale of the ‘burqa’, sparking debate over Islamic identity and civil liberties in the kingdom. Was this an initiated crisis indicating King Mohammed VI’s displeasure with the Islamic ruling party?
Article / Marzouq Alhalabi

Breaking the cycle of fear through joint action

The government's fearmongering is taking its toll even on Israeli Jews with a strong moral backbone, including intellectuals to whom I owe much of my moral and critical development. We must break this cycle together
Article / Oren Barak

Israel and Iran: From Rivalry to Shared Interests?

It is time for Iran and Israel to seek out a formula to protect their shared interests in the Middle East
Article / Assaf David

Israel's Political Center Lacks Regional Vision

The parties at the center of Israel’s political spectrum – from the Labor on the left to the Likud on the right – offer no vision for relations with the Palestinians and with the rest of the Middle East
Domestic Affairs
Trump, UNRWA and the Dangerous Palestinian Refugees
08.08.2018  /  Liora Sion Since coming into office, the Trump administration moved with great zeal to shut down the UN agency assisting Palestinian refugees Read more
Regional Affairs
Burkini or bikini?
21.08.2018  /  Ayelet Levi Women’s clothes, and especially head covers, are debated all year round in the Arab world. In summer, the hot topic Read more
Religion & State
Islamic feminism: The case of Morocco
26.05.2018  /  Ayelet Levi Morocco is the leading Arab country in integrating women in religious frameworks. Religious feminists in Morocco, like their Jewish counterparts Read more