Israel vs. Hamas: A Decision not to Decide
Elhanan Miller | 30.06.2019
Alongside bellicose threats to topple Hamas, Netanyahu’s government adopted pragmatic steps to preserve quiet and reach understandings with the militant group, as recommended by the military establishment. How long will we continue deluding ourselves?
Hamas: From opposition to government (Gaza papers, part II)
Elhanan Miller | 17.02.2019
Having established its rule in Gaza, Hamas portrays its two major adversaries as Israel externally, and Salafist jihad at home. The movement is also dealing with a massive budget increase and internal division over various issues, including its stance on Israel
The Breaking of Syria’s Rebellion
Elizabeth Tsurkov | 10.07.2018
The Assad regime is winning the war in Syria not simply by regaining territory, but also by breaking the spirit and willingness to resist it in areas under its control and areas still outside of it
Palestinians in East Jerusalem as “indigenous residents”
Yaël Ronen | 30.01.2018
In 2017, the Israeli High Court of Justice reframed the legal status of Palestinians in East Jerusalem. Will it go further and give full legal effect to this special status?
Breaking the Silence in Iran
Iris Fruchter-Ronen | 26.01.2018
The deteriorating economy and ongoing oppression have sparked massive protests throughout Iran in recent weeks. Contemporary Iranian cinema points a harsh finger at the regime, portraying the double lives that people lead in order to cope with its restrictions
Culture & Society Yazidi Community Struggles to Grapple with Children Born of Rape
27.04.2019 | Elizabeth Tsurkov
The spiritual leadership of the Yazidi community decided to welcome
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The Middle East How Israel Turned into the Trump Administration’s Adviser on Palestinian Affairs
14.04.2019 | Yoni Mendel
In recent years, Israel managed to convince the U.S
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Gaza Documents Hamas and the PA: Unwilling Bedfellows?
04.03.2019 | Elhanan Miller
The Hamas-Fatah rift is at the heart of the crisis
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