Has Trump Succeeded in Uniting the Palestinian Factions
Yohanan Tzoreff | 20.10.2020
The Trump Plan, annexation, and most of all- the normalization agreement between Israel and the UAE and Bahrain, have pushed Fatah and Hamas into each others’ arms. The two camps believe that the Palestinian cause is at an unprecedented low, and that this is a historical moment in time requiring different decisions to those that have been made in the past. These are the disagreements that stand between them.
If it’s a big enough problem, then apparently it’s a “security problem”
Yagil Levy | 18.05.2020
Securitization is a process in which leaders frame an explicit civil matter as an existential security threat. How has the Corona crisis undergone securitization in Israel? What state apparatuses have helped to normalize this? And what is its significance for democracy?
”We are all Post-Traumatic”: On the Legacy of the First Lebanon War
Shmuel Lederman | 03.06.2020
The commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the withdrawal from Lebanon has given way to a flood of testimonies of the trauma and hopelessness experienced in the mire of the Lebanese mud. It is specifically for this reason that we should remember the pitiful circumstances that led Israel to invade the country of cedars.
Black Lives Matter? On Politics as Cultural Code
Shmuel Lederman | 05.07.2020
Israeli attitudes towards the Black Lives Matter protests is an interesting case study of politics as a cultural code. The positions taken by figures on the various sides of the Israeli political spectrum can, for the most part, be predicted in advance
Mr. Jamaal Bowman Goes to Washington (and the Democratic Party distances itself from the Israeli right)
Shmuel Lederman, Aviv Snir | 26.07.2020
The left-wing of the Democratic Party was, of late, witness to an incredible victory, when Jamaal Bowman, beat a veteran and well-connected member of Congress in the New York Primaries. This may ultimately challenge party policy on Israel, and if Senator Biden wins the Presidential race at the end of the year, we may feel the repercussions of this change here in Israel as well
Coronavirus crisis in the service of a ruthless leader
Assaf David | 01.04.2020
We are living under a quasi-authoritarian regime, headed by a single ruler who is exploiting a real crisis to take unprecedented measures to cement his power, trampling basic civil rights in the name of “fighting the pandemic”
The Palestinian Feminist and the Jewish Candidate
Shmuel Lederman | 29.12.2019
Linda Sarsour, a Palestinian-American activist, has faced criticism for endorsing Bernie Sanders. What does a young woman who fights for people of color have to do with a 78-year-old Jewish man?
Israel-GCC Relations: What is the Price of ‘Regional Peace’?
Katie Wachsberger | 29.03.2020
In light of shared concerns regarding Iran’s growing influence in the region, as well as the threat of radical Islam, Israel has fostered discreet diplomatic and economic relations with several Arab nations in the Gulf. These budding ties have begun to facilitate collaboration in various realms, including cooperation on security measures that often disregard citizen freedoms and human rights.
The Arab Peace Initiative is the First Victim of Trump’s “Deal of the Century”
Elhanan Miller | 03.02.2020
The Arab world is less unified today, and this is evident also in the responses to the “Deal of the Century”. The Palestinians insist on the right to reject the plan, while some argue that passivity might be even more harmful and dangerous
The Middle East The deal of the century: a Palestinian perspective
25.02.2020 | Adel Shadeed
Palestinians are united in the belief that Trump’s deal is
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Culture & Society Uproar in Texas over anti-Semitic hadith
02.03.2020 | Elad Ben David
Sheikh Yasir Qadhi from Texas claims a famous hadith on
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Culture & Society Anti-Nationalist, but not Anti-Zionist: The Political Philosophy of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz
18.08.2020 | Gabriel Abensour
In 1978 the French philosopher John Paul Sartre organized an
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