About Us

About The Forum for Regional Thinking

The Forum for Regional Thinking (FORTH) is an independent Jewish and Arab research institute and ’Think and Do Tank’ that was founded in order to change public discourse and opinion in Israel regarding our relationship with our neighbors.

The Forum generates and disseminates high-quality analyses about Middle Eastern affairs and about Israel's role and place in the region. By advancing an in-depth and nuanced understanding of the Middle East, and by endorsing a civil, rather than militaristic narrative, we strive to undermine biased perspectives among Israelis and lay the groundwork for improved relations between Israel and its neighbors. FORTH believes that as audiences become more knowledgeable and acquire a comprehensive understanding of the forces and events that shape the region, they are more inclined to view their neighbors as equals and to support the implementation of constructive frameworks rather than military force. To reach a varied audience and to generate discussion among different groups, FORTH relies on social media platforms, the Israeli media, and educational frameworks for young adults.