Domestic Affairs

Marzouq Alhalabi
| 03.10.2018
Arab Local Governance: A Missed Opportunity
The average voter turnout rate in local elections
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Liora Sion
| 08.08.2018
Trump, UNRWA and the Dangerous Palestinian Refugees
Since coming into office, the Trump administration moved
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Elhanan Miller
| 22.04.2018
What would Gandhi, MLK and Mandela vote – Fatah or Hamas?
Ismail Haniyeh attacked Mahmoud Abbas for his conciliatory
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Elhanan Miller
| 22.02.2018
Netanyahu, Abbas and the elephant in the room
The Israeli and Palestinian ruling parties smell blood
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Amir Tauber
| 16.02.2018
So what does President Abbas really say about the right of return?
Debunking the widespread myth that President Abbas speaks
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Janan Bsoul
| 14.02.2018
Palestinian laborers in Israel vs. academics in the West Bank
The occupation is a pervasive reality far broader
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Yaël Ronen
| 30.01.2018
Palestinians in East Jerusalem as “indigenous residents”
In 2017, the Israeli High Court of Justice
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Ronit Marzan
| 19.11.2017
The PLO: The Palestinians’ Lifebelt
The meeting of the Palestinian factions on Tuesday
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Yoni Mendel
| 03.11.2017
The Arabists’ Jungle: An Israeli-Arab Affair
As long as the general Israeli attitude to
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Doron Matza
| 01.06.2017
One and One Equals Nothing
Israel and the Palestinian Authority share an interest
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Adam Hoffman
| 26.05.2017
Hamas After Trump's Riyadh Speech: In Search of International Legitimacy
presenting Hamas as part of the same radical
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Raz Zimmt
| 10.02.2017
Iranians Don’t Believe Netanyahu
Earlier this year, Israeli PM sent a direct
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