Religion & State

Ayelet Levi
| 21.08.2018
Burkini or bikini?
Women’s clothes, and especially head covers, are debated
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Iris Fruchter-Ronen
| 26.01.2018
Breaking the Silence in Iran
The deteriorating economy and ongoing oppression have sparked
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Adam Hoffman
| 07.09.2017
The Religiosity Challenge in Analyzing Islamist Movements
Ignoring the religiosity of ISIS and other Islamist
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Raz Zimmt
| 05.09.2017
The growing power of women in Iran
More women are taking on leadership roles in
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Ayelet Levi
| 08.02.2017
Security or Politics behind Morocco Burqa Ban?
Morocco’s Interior Ministry decided to ban the manufacture
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Raz Zimmt
| 07.10.2016
Marrying Late: Young Adults and the Marriage Crisis in Iran
The reasons for Iran’s marriage crisis run deeper
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Nimrod Hurvitz
| 19.06.2016
Fear and Faith: the Strengths, Weaknesses and Delusions of Isis
Western rhetoric has become a weapon in ISIS’
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Avraham Sela
| 29.06.2015
The Palestinian issue: The root of all Middle East conflicts?
We should question the view that any negative
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Raz Zimmt
| 18.06.2015
Iran: The Nuclear Train Has Arrived
In the absence of effective alternatives, the nuclear
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Dror Zeevi
| 30.10.2011
Turkey, Syria And The Kurds: Upping The Ante
Turkey's assistance to Syrian armed rebels is
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Ceng Sagnic
| 22.08.2011
Iraqi Kurdistan: Preparing For War Or Flexing Its Muscles
The deployment of Kurdish forces in disputed provinces
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Ilkim Buke
| 24.07.2011
Public Or Private? Turkish Education In Transition
The difference in the quality of the education
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