Culture & Society

Elizabeth Tsurkov
| 27.04.2019
Yazidi Community Struggles to Grapple with Children Born of Rape
The spiritual leadership of the Yazidi community decided
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Katie Wachsberger
| 29.10.2018
Living on the Kingdom’s Edge: Political Dissident in Saudi Arabia
Money does not always buy political consent. Khashoggi'
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Tami Chapnik
| 17.09.2018
Writers Leading the Way for Politicians
The Huriya affair erupted at a time when
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Janan Bsoul
| 29.08.2018
Translation of Arabic Prose to Hebrew: A Literary Act or Normalization?
Multiple works of Arabic literature have been translated
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Ayelet Levi
| 21.08.2018
Burkini or bikini?
Women’s clothes, and especially head covers, are debated
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Inbal Nissim-Louvton
| 01.07.2018
Driving under Regime Guardianship
The images of Saudi women are on the
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Katie Wachsberger
| 22.05.2018
Knowing Their Enemy or Fascinated by Their Neighbor?
Despite the academic boycott of Israel, Arab universities
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Ayelet Levi
| 26.03.2018
Book Fairs in the Arab World: Between Culture and Politics
Book fairs in Arab countries are like a
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Iris Fruchter-Ronen
| 26.01.2018
Breaking the Silence in Iran
The deteriorating economy and ongoing oppression have sparked
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Yoni Mendel
| 03.11.2017
The Arabists’ Jungle: An Israeli-Arab Affair
As long as the general Israeli attitude to
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Adam Hoffman
| 07.09.2017
The Religiosity Challenge in Analyzing Islamist Movements
Ignoring the religiosity of ISIS and other Islamist
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Raz Zimmt
| 05.09.2017
The growing power of women in Iran
More women are taking on leadership roles in
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