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Jewish-Palestinian peace based on partnership: from a conceptual paradigm to an emerging reality

May 2023

About Minbar

Minbar is a bilingual (Arabic-Hebrew) magazine that addresses issues related to Jewish–Arab relations in Israel. The magazine serves as a platform (minbar in Arabic) for critical discussion of social and political issues in Israel. Each issue focuses on a main topic and presents op-eds by leading scholars that highlight diverse angles for viewing the selected topic. Publication in two languages, Arabic and Hebrew, aims to draw attention to the existence of two peoples and two national identities in a single state, with all that they share and all that divides them. The magazine was first published in 2013 under the editorship of Dr. Sara Osatzky-Lazar. Scheduled for publication in 2020 is a collection of articles on the topic of Israel in the Middle East and another collection about shared nationality in Israel.