Elad Ben David

Elad Ben David is a Ph.D. candidate from the Department of Middle Eastern Studies at Bar-Ilan University and a researcher in the Middle East Network Analysis Desk at Tel-Aviv University. His doctoral research deals with Islam in America, emphasizing Da’wa activity (call to Islam) in prominent Muslim preachers' doctrine.


Elad’s fields of study in The Forum for Regional Thinking include topics related to preachers, activists, and Muslim organizations in the United States, who are on the front of Da’wa activity, especially after the September-11 attacks.


The analysis of doctrine and activity opens a hatch which enables to analyze of central phenomenons and trends from the theological, political and social areas that are essential to many actual topics, such as: Embracing Islam, double identities, conservatism and modernity, Islamophobia, and the relations between the modern and conservative Islam, in the context of the Muslim minority in the West.


Elad strives to grant a more complex view of Islam's actual issues, challenge the fixed conception in Israel, and expose the readers to those essential insights that usually do not receive media exposure.

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