Zeev Levin

  1. Dr. Levin completed his doctorate at the School of History at Tel-Aviv University. He can best be described as a historian specializing in the late 19th and 20th century history of Eurasia (the southern parts of the Russian Empire, USSR – the Muslim republics). Within this field, he had explored the history of various minority groups and their interactions vis-a-vis the Russian/ Soviet as Post-Soviet State. For this research he won an Israeli Science Foundation (ISF) grant for a first book publication.


     For my post doctorate, Dr. Levin conducted research on Jewish and non-Jewish refugee populations in Soviet Central Asia during World War II, uncovering a less-studied chapter of the Holocaust and World War II. This research culminated in 2013 with an international conference that he organized at the Hebrew University, bringing together 25 experts in this field from all over the globe. The conference was funded by a special grant from the Conference of Jewish Material Claims against Germany.  Following this conference, he was invited to serve as a guest editor of a special edition of East European Jewish Affairs, which focused on Jewish deportees and evacuees during the Holocaust. In 2016, he organized another conference on the broader subject, with a focus on relations between the Soviet State and Jewish and non-Jewish populations of Soviet Central Asia during WWII.  


    Currently Dr. Levin is head of the Eurasian Research Group at the Harry S. Truman Institute of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Last Spring (2018) he had organized an international conference on “Russia in the Muslim Lands” bringing together many experts Historians as Political Scientists to discuss various  aspects of the Imperial Russian, Soviet and current Russian presence in the Greater Muslim World 


    Over the past seven years, I have taught a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses in Russian, Soviet and Eurasian history